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If the grocery stores no longer had ANY bags .....

15 years ago

I think all of the grocery stores should stop having bags available. Costco does not have any bags AT ALL. They are always crowded with shoppers. Yes Costco does occasionally have cardboard boxes to put your items in but at the one I shop there are hardly ever any boxes available.

What happens when someone who does not have a bag goes to buy groceries?? They have to buy a bag. Not 5 cents or 10 cents but one full dollar PER bag. I know there are poor folks around who may not be able to afford bags but there could be a borrow-a-bag program where they pay a deposit for the cloth bag and when they come back to shop again they bring the bag back and get their money back. It would work if ALL grocery stores did it. The deposit would need to be minimum one dollar - dollars get people to pay attention. When I was a wee lass if you wanted milk you had to pay for the bottle. All milk came in bottles and poor folks did buy milk AND they did return the bottles for those deposits.

This bag 'mess' that we have now can be easily fixed. My son was in Germany and France - he told me that grocery bags like we have here in US are a RARE sight over there.


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