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What's popping up in my garden

12 years ago

Other than way too many dang caterpillars and lubber nymphs ...

Our Green Rose baby from Seminole Springs Antique Rose and Herb Farm is putting out her first bloom - ahhh, how sweet!


The tomato that went out early to the garden heater aka electrical box has tomatoes ready for our lunch tomorrow!


We are still getting oodles of hearty greens from the garden; but cucumbers and squash are alluding me.

Hubs and I finally found a fountain for our small pond to be that we both liked and fit our champagne taste/beer budget. Any recommendations for dappled shade small pond plants?


Garlic Chives are thinking about growing; but what the heck is this plant growing in the pot with them?


Oh, and my compost bin has apparently struck the big time; Black Soldier Fly have found it. Larvae are lean mean eating machines.

All the inground front garden veggies got a healthy top dressing of lovely compost. Same planned for the back tomato bed tomorrow. Hopefully my plants will reward my efforts with some yummies. Else I'll send them to Silvia's boot camp :)

Lou - all my fruit blew off my calamondin and the tomatoes/eggplants/cucumbers in the front garden. These all just happen to be in the path of the prevailing winds. The tomatoes have already bloomed and some are setting fruit again. The plants have much more energy than me; I still am working on picking up all the dead fall from around the yard. Now I have to feed worms and larvae. Got my work cut out for me. Guess I'm going to have to start mowing and bagging the neighbors yard. he-he

Good thing the greens are hanging in; we are eating them up nightly. Gotta get MIL back on her feet. I think I'm going to run out of preparation ideas for greens before I run out of the actual plants.

Rain forecast for tomorrow! sings happy rain dance song


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