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Best Scented Tropical Plant List Frank, 2011

Frank�s Highly Scented Tropical Plant List: 2011 PR

(many from T-pTr-picals, but not all!)

I do not promote this company (don't know anyone who works there), though they are the best!

Note: I spent hours researching this crap, and I do grow many of these plants�please share; all the research is good! I wish someone had given me this list years ago! Did not have time to create separate categories for and bushes, but all these plants will grow in zones 10, 11.

A. Trees and bushes

1. Scented Bouvardia, Bouvardia longiflora, Bouvardia humboldtii

Perfume Tree, Fagrea berteriana-, large shrub really

2. JOY PERFUME TREE-Michelia champaca, orange-ish, (asia), makes perfume

3. White Champak, Pak-Lan, Banana Shrub, Cempaka Putih, Bai Yu Lan (white-jade flower), Bai Yu Lan, Safa,, champaca 'alba'

Grand Duke Supreme , Jasminum sambac, two inch flowers, newest variety!

Glorious Flower of Cuba , Portlandia grandiflora � Luscious perfume

Mali Chat , Jasminum sambac, rarest form, like stacked hats!

Serpant Hill Rain Tree , Brunfelsia densifolia, , Puerto Rico!

Dwarf Tree Jasmine, Peep Thong, Radermachera Kunming, Family: Bignoniaceae, Thailand, highly scented

Appleblossom , Cassia nodosa hybrid - Pink Shower

Flor de Fuego , Erblichia odorata -, rare, orange scented flowers 6-8 inch smell apricot

Singapore Kopsia, Kopsia singaporensis, white jasmine like, Malaysia

Red Allamanda blanchetii 10 seeds


Milky Way Tree , Stemmadenia galeottiana �large white flowers grows well in Florida

Daisy Tree, Montanoa grandiflora (best, look like pom-poms) or Daisy Bush, M hibicifolia (like like white daisies with yellow centers!)

Perfume Flower Tree, Pua Keni Keni, Fagraea berteriana, Family: Loganiaceae, Origin: South Pacific

Fragrant ixora , Ixora fragrans, hard to find! Note: I.jinlaysoniana, a native of Thailand, can become a small tree and has large, fragrant, pure white flowers.

Native Gardenia Atractocarpus 10 seeds

Native Hawaiian Gardenia Nau, , Gardenia brighamii

Family: Rubiaceae, Origin: Hawaii

Heliotrope, Turnsole, Cherry Pie Heliotropium peruviana, Heliotropium arborescens, Zones 10, 11

Note: "alba" variety has white flowers that smell like pure vanilla!

African Gardenia, Mitriostigma axillare, Gardenia citriodora, scent of orange blossom, Africa

Double Rangoon Creeper , Quisqualis �, Thai Double Flower

Italian Jasmine, Jasminum humile, Jasminum giraldi, India, Note: yellow!

Tahiti Gardenia, Gardenia taitensis Tiare Tahiti

Family: Rubiaceae

Scented Daphne, Phaleria clerodendron- -fragrant-rare seed (Australia), smells like jasmine pinapple

White gardenia, forest gardenia, wild gardenia, Gardenia thunbergium, Gardenia thunbergia

Golden Gardenia, Kedah Gardenia, Gardenia tubifera Kula, Gardenia pfordii, Asia, yellowish gardenia, rare

Vietnamese Gardenia, Gardenia (Kailarsenia) vietnamensis

Golden Gardenia

Gardenia tubifera var. kula

White Gem Gardenia duruma � seeds available online

Gardenia volkensii ssp. Spathulifolia, Angola, seeds available online

Gardenia posoqueria (nitida)

Rare gardenia from Africa with star-like tubular flowers.

Wax Jasmine, Australian Wax Jasmine, Jasminum volubile, Jasminum simplicifolium

Note: The variegated form, var. Maculata, has bright leaves dappled lemon-gold, open clusters of quite fragrant white star-like flowers produced irregularly throughout the year.

Snows of Kilimanjaro , Euphorbia leucocephala �

Dwarf Tree Jasmine, Radermachera Kunming, extremely fragrant flowers -

Jasminum dichotomum, blooms all year round!

Gardenia taitensis Heaven Scent (double flower) - grafted

Coffee, Coffea arabica, Ethiopia, tropical, Zone 10-11

Pachypodium rutenbergianum, Magagascar, semi-arid, spikes on trunk

Perfume Jasmin, Jasminum tortuosum, true tropical jasmin

Lilac Tree

Lonchocarpus violaceus -

Blackberry Jam Fruit, Jasmin de rosa, Randia formosa, Mussaenda formosa, Randia mussaenda

Cashmere (Cashmir) bouquet, Glory Bower, Clerodendron

Clerodendrum bunge, Family: Verbenaceae, China, already have the Phillino variety, leaves that smell like skunk!

Chinaberry Tree, Indian Lilac, Pride of India, White Cedar, Melia azedarach, purple, white scented flowers!

Fountain Clerodendrum, Clerodendron, Tube Flower

Clerodendrum minahasse, Family: Verbenaceae

Native Australian gardenia, Larsenakia ochreata

Morning, Noon and Night, Brunfelsia floribunda, Family: Solanaceae), scented, unlike Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Winter honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima, China, likes well drained soil

Cestrum aurnantiacum, Guatemala, orange, night scented

Tube Flower, Fountain Clerodendrum

Latin Name: Clerodendrum minahassae

Panama Rose , Rondeletia leucophylla � reddish flowers scented after dark!

Ashoka Tree, Saraca bijuga red-orange flowers, try to get dwarf! African rainforest

Arbor Tristis, Sad tree, Night Jasmine, Parijat, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Family: Verbenaceae, South Asia, India

Japanese allspice, Chimonanthus praecox also known as Japanese allspice, slow growing, may not do well in heat?

Silver thorn, Elaeagnus pungens , grows in Florida, mounding, ugly bush, amazing scented flowers. Get 'Maculata'-variegaed variety!

Grey Milkwood, Sea Mango, Pong Pong Tree

Cerbera odollam, Family: Apocynaceae, Asia

Conger Yellow Sweet Olive, fragrans 'Conger Yellow' Zones 9-11, Monrovia nursery.

Lily of the Valle Tree, Clethra arborea

Winters Bark, Drimys winteri, Bornea

Yellow bird of paradise, Caesalpinia mexicana - fragrant Yellow, Mexico

Hebe sp.

Family: Scrophulariaceae


Origin: New Zealand

Turraea floribunda, Africa, very hard to find!

B. Vines

Easter Lillie Vine, Beaumontia grandiflora

Climbing Oleander, Strophanthus gratus � usually pinkish

Frilly Orchid Vine, BAUHINIA YUNNANENSIS-rare

Orange Blossom, Luzuriaga radicans, Chillean, white

Frangipani vine, Chonemorpha fragrans, Chonemorpha macrophylla, Family: Apocynaceae

Origin: India

Easter Lillie Vine, Beaumontia grandiflora, tropical, scented

Pink Trumpet Vine, St. Johns Creeper, Podranea ricasoliana, free flowering! Africa

Dregea corrugata (Wattakaka sinensis), tropical, white, like hoya, scented.

Bluegrape jasmine , Jasminum adenophyllum, India, vine

Yellow Jasmine, Jasminum humile - Italian jasmine, make perfume!

C. Seeds/Bulbs

Philippine Lily , Lilium philippinense 8 seeds


Amaryllis Hippeastrum Jaguar 20 seeds


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