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Tampa Swap 2011---Last Reminder

11 years ago

Here's the "guidelines" on how this works. First year we had about 12 people, last year around 30, who knows how big it will be this year!

Calling it a "swap/trade" has given new people the wrong idea, it doesn't really work that way. We do not trade or swap a plant for a plant. If you have nothing to swap, you can still come. If you only have three things to get rid of, it is conceivable you could go home with a dozen things.

You can bring anything garden related-plants, cuttings, seeds, books, magazines, pots, tools, etc. Plus bring either finger food or drink to share. I will supply paper products and ice. Couldn't hurt to bring a chair if you want to sit and talk to other gardeners. If you're new and don't have any plants to share, come anyway, bring food/drink. You'll go home with lots of stuff.

NO KIDS OR PETS, PLEASE I have a pool with sharp, rock, edges that is not kid safe, dogs that dislike other dogs, and cats that will be underfoot.

Between 9-10 am show up and unload your stuff. Find a spot in the back or front yard and put all your items down in that spot. Make sure all the plants have labels on them, even if it's nothing more than a marker on a leaf or a piece of tape on a cup. This is will not remember what's what when you get home, neither will the people who took your plants, unless they are labeled.

After you've unloaded and found your spot, wander around and look at what everyone else has brought. Eat. Drink. Socialize.

When everyone has arrived, we will then, one person at a time, go over our pile of giveaways and stuff. You will tell everyone what you brought, how to cultivate it, etc. If you want whatever is being talked about, raise your hand and it's yours. If more hands go up then there are items, rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors determines who gets it. This is why you might get more than you came with. Plus there are always items that no one wants, and new gardeners can clean up at the end.

After it's all done there will be more eating, drinking and socializing.

If you're coming, email me offlist at for my address. I'm not posting it publically.


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