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a going out of business sale that may be worthwhile to check out

17 years ago

I probably won't get to check this one out even though it's just up the street from my house, but I hope someone will have a chance to check this out. I have a feeling there might be wonderful things inside this old building.

It's Boggs Plumbing Supply in the West End, at 1310 White Street SW, just off the intersection with Ralph David Abernathy. It's a family-owned place that's been in business for 54 years, closing down now I guess because the Beltline is coming through their location and everyone has to get out of the way. I called just now to find out what's going on because I noticed for sale signs posted outside and wanted to get some pipes for an irrigation system for our community garden, and was told they are getting rid of everything.

I was told that there are many garden-related items there to be sold at low clearance prices, like sickles and hoes and other garden tools. But I'm also sure there would be things like copper pipe and other items that a creative gardener could find a use for in the backyard. One thing I would really have liked to look for is very large diameter clay pipe sections to use for outdoor pots. But unfortunately they are keeping very short hours during the next 30 days of clearing out their warehouse. They'll only be open from 9-12 on Mondays and Tuesdays, and "might" come in on occasional Wednesday and Thursday mornings if they feel like it. And I have to work during those times! I'm broken-hearted at what I might be missing, but hope someone else can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

If you want to call them first to make sure they're open, or to get directions or ask about an item, their number is (404) 758-6321.

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