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Help a newbie w/a black thumb get started

18 years ago

Greetings everyone. My husband and I bought our first house last summer and while both of us would love to do some planting both of us have a case of "black" thumbs. I have a general conception of what I want to do long range and had some very basic questions if you would all indulge me in answering...

-Where is the best place to buy plants, trees, shrubs? I came very close to buying from TyTy nurseries only to discover on this forum that they are a rip off site.

-second I see a letter after peoples zone numbers what do these represent? It says that by living in my zipcode I am in zone 7. I live in the metro atlanta area.

-are there any good books you would recommend for someone who wants to get started?

Thank you everyone for your assistance. I look forward to many years on this forum :)


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