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Scented and Non-scented Geraniums?

15 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I'm really interested and curious on the scented geraniums. I read some articles online that there are many varieties of scented geranium, i.e you have some that smells like, lemon, rose, peace, chocolate etc.

Anyway judging from the flowers of the geranium, I think I may already have some in my backyard. They're ground covers, have pink to red color flowers but have no scent on the flower or leaves what-so-ever. Infact even the flowers look quite dud. So, I was just wondering. Is there such thing as a non-scented geranium?

Also how can you tell which one is scented and which one is not? And with the scent, is it strong or do you really have to stick your nose upclose to the flowers to smell? And also with the scented geranium, can you really smell the different scent. For example coconut scented geranium, can you really smell the coconut? or peach scented etc?? It's just so hard to believe.

Anyway thanks in advance for answering my questions.

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