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Need natural screening advice to hide neighbor?

11 years ago

Please, please HELP me with this problem. I cannot seem to find a solution that I "like" that is both attactive and works in this small space.

So I posted a few questions before about maybe going the bamboo route. I know very little about bamboo other than clumping is the right kind to pick. I thought I'd post back with photos of the space to get some real suggestions from you guys as I'm sure I'm not exploring all my options.

Frankly, I'm stuck. The vine on the fenceline is 'Sky Vine'. While beautiful, it has it's own issues, as in, it likes to take over everything in its path- even not in it's path. So, it's not a long term solution.

I had to remove my old orange tree (RIP) which sorta worked as a shield to block my neighbor's view of my backyard and my awareness of just how 'close' we really are. Now, I feel like I'm in a 'fish bowl'.

The green house is my neighbors second floor above the garage. It's a workspace. It's an ugly building. He's doing major construction 24/7 - which is fine. I have no issue with that. The house was abondoned for several years, so while a hideous eye-sore, at least no one lived there (hence, no fish bowl). I just like a feeling of privacy.

Now, NO more, weeding in the morning in my pajamas!!! :(

The short run of fence is about 9.5 ft long and gets morning shade and then full sun for most of the day.

I really would like something tall enough to block the view into my yard. I thought of Oleandar because of the flowers, but do not like the bugs that come with it. So, no longer on the short-list.

Any suggestions? This is a very ugly part of my yard now since the tree died.

Thanks for the help!


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