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Alabama Plant Swap

19 years ago

Hi all!

Are you ready to do it again? There will be a plant swap Saturdy Oct. 18, Oak Mountain Park, 10:00 a.m. For those who need directions, I am not very good at that but maybe this link will help When you turn into the park and go through the entrance gate, you will take your first right onto Terrace Drive. You will go all the way to the last parking lot shown on the following map reading the map from right to left. I will have balloons tied to the back of my Pathfinder. You won't be able to miss me.

For those that did not make it to the swap in the spring, we had a great time. We had about 12 or 13 different traders show up. We had planned on having lunch but were unable to due to a huge monsoon that came our way.

Some of the things I got that day were:

Speckled cast iron plant

Voodoo lily

Mosaic pots

Handmade plant tags

Red Brugmansia

Pink Equador Brugmansia

3 gallon Mophead Hydragea

A large burgundy hibiscus

10 different named daylilies

Several different named hosta

Zebra Grass


Tropicana Canna

Alocasa Macrorrhiza

Several succulents

Bleeding Heart

....and much, much more....

Please, please know that even if you think you don't have anything to trade, you do. You might have something that you think is common as dirt, but someone else may be looking for that exact thing. Also, right now is a great time to buy bargain plants on clearance. Plus you can trade anything that you have an excess of. It is not just limited to plants. Bring your gardening magazines, books, garden art, garden "junk", etc...

We can do like we did last time and post what we have to trade on our trade lists and make trades in advance plus bring extras to trade on the spot. If you wish to post a list for the plant swap, please do so on the Alabama Exhange forum. I would like to keep most of the correspondence there so that it is not too spread out and confusing. All of this information is also posted there. My personal list is listed on my exchange page in the seed area.

After all of our swapping, when we are good and tired and ready to sit down, we will have a nice picnic lunch. This will be a "bring your on your lunch" affair. At the lunch, we will have drawings for doorprizes for those who have stayed at lunch. We will also have a gift exchange for those who want to participate. This can be anything that you want to bring such as old or new magazines, books, crafts, garden decor, garden "junk" etc... Everyone that wishes to participate in this will draw for a "prize". This will be in addition to the big "grand prize" that I will provide.

Please let me know who would be interested in eating lunch afterwards and who would be interested in the gift exchange.

If I have left out anything or anything is confusing please let me know.