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Indianapolis Seed & Plant Swap - September 25

18 years ago

Hi, all! The Indiana Soapers and Chandlers Alliance is hosting a free seed and plant swap on Saturday, September 25th at 11 am. The swap will be held at the Pleasing Odors Creations soap studio at 10th & Capitol. (Please contact me for more information.)

This will be very casual, totally fun event, but we have thrown some suggestions together so there's at least a little bit of order. These are merely suggestions:

- Please do not bring commercially purchased seeds or plants to swap. The focus of this swap is on seeds and plants grown by swap participants.

- Seeds should be packaged in zippy bags; plants should please be planted in small containers. (Clean butter tubs, egg carton pieces, tin cans, etc. can be used for planting. Please don't spend any money on containers.)

- If possible, each trading item should be clearly labeled with the type of seed or plant it contains, information about how the plant or seed should be planted and what conditions it should be grown in, and whether or not the item was organically grown or came from an organically grown plant. If you have additional information about how the plant/herb/vegetable can be used and what its benefits are, please include that.

Please contact Pamela at for more information and to RSVP.

Thanks so much! We look forward to having fun and meeting new friends at the swap!!!

Pamela Reilly

Pleasing Odors Creations