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plant swap August 22nd...Magnolia, AR (AR/LA line)

Kathy Johnson
13 years ago

Magnolia is near the Arkansas/Louisiana state line. We are about an hour & a half from either Shreveport, LA & Texarkana, TX so if anyone is close enough & would like to come, we'd love to have you!!!


Bring anything garden-related: plants, *cuttings, *bulbs, *seeds, birdhouses, feeders, windchimes, tools, books, potting soil, etc. Items can be handmade or store bought but please make sure seeds & plants are labeled.

*cuttings - 2 small or unrooted cuttings will count as 1

*bulbs - a small paper sack will count as 1

*seeds - 10 packets of the same or different will count as 1

If you don't have anything to bring you can sign up to bring food, supplies, or door prizes. ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING WILL BE ALLOWED!!!

When you arrive to the swap you will check in & get tickets for everything you bring, including food, supplies, & door prizes. You will then take your stuff (if swapping) & tickets & park somewhere, using your vehicle & any tables you've brought as your 'booth'. Once check-in is over & the swap starts, everyone will use their tickets to "buy" items from other people using their tickets. Hold on to any leftover tickets as we will use these for the door prize drawing. Toward the end, anyone with leftovers they don't want to take home can put in the "surplus" section & everyone can take a turn picking out something until everything's gone. At some point, we'll eat.

*****For people who want to bring food, supplies, or door prizes*****

FOOD: sandwiches, a bucket of chicken, whatever. We'll also want sides, desserts, drinks & ice. Remember to bring a serving utensil if your dish calls for one.

SUPPLIES: paper plates, paper or plastic cups, plastic spoons or forks, napkins or paper towels, name tags or self-adhesive labels

DOOR PRIZES: Anything - doesn't have to be garden-related. Handmade or store bought. May want to include an index card with special instructions, value, whatever.

VOLUNTEERS: To put flyers around your town, help with check-in, handing out door prizes.

*****Some suggestions & rules*****

*Again, no selling! No pets & no alcohol. Kids are okay to bring, you know to watch them.

*You may want to bring a friend to help you. Also, it's a good idea to bring bottled water for your booth, insect repellent, sun block, an umbrella just in case, newspaper to lay down in your trunk, empty box to put plants in.

*You can use your trunk or truck bed to put stuff on but you may want to bring a table & a chair

Please sign up if you even think you'll be coming so I'll have a count. I'll also need to know who (if anyone) will be bringing food, door prizes, & supplies.

LAKE COLUMBIA - there's a swimming area, boating area, & fishing areas in a different location than where the pavilion is located so if anyone wants to bring their kids there's that option for you. No lifeguard so have someone available to watch the kids. Must have a valid Arkansas fishing license to fish. There's RV hookups if anyone wants to stay a weekend (call 8702345253for information). I believe there may be campsites & hiking trails too but not for sure.

The pavilion is covered with a grill, 2 long picnic tables, & 3 benches. Bathrooms are within walking distance. The area around the pavilion is under a bunch of trees so it should be fairly shady for us.

DIRECTIONS: from the Magnolia square, go around the square & past Fred's. Go 3.3 miles & turn right at the Pure gas station. Go 2.2 miles & turn left on County Road 53 (this is a curvy road!). Go 3.1 miles. You'll pass the boat landing & see the lake. Turn right past that & you'll see the pavilion area right across.

Swap will start around 9:00 a.m. or as soon as everyone's checked in. While you're waiting for the checking in to wrap up, you can walk around & arrange swaps if you'd like. Or wait until the swap starts.

I'll be bringing plants, just not sure what. I'll also bring the tickets we'll be using & 2 door prizes.


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