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Garden for next year

12 years ago

I know this has probably been asked many times before, but what garden do you hope to add next year? A new garden, or an extension to an existing garden?

My summer seemed so short, I'm not ready to stop thinking about gardening and since it's much too cold right now, that leaves planning :)

I'd like to add a potager next year, which will hopefully be decorative and functional. I plan to have four L-shaped beds around a center bird bath surrounded by flowers. I'll fence in the whole thing and have vegetables and herbs in narrow beds along the inside of the fence and raspberries, roses and lilacs on the outside (sheds on the fourth side). Also hope to have vertical plantings in the corner of each L-shaped bed for pole beans, mini-pumpkins, peas and flowers.

The idea of a potager really appeals to me. Maybe it's my desire to bring some sense of order to my garden. (LOL)

Hope you share your ideas for next year!

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