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Central Ohio Fall 2012 Plant Swap is on! September 15th

12 years ago

Terri D. and I are once again planing the fall plant swap -- and I'm already eyeing what I'm going to bring.

Just like the spring swap in Hilliard, we'll have some time to meet and chat, a potluck lunch, and plenty of plants to share. I don't know if we can replicate the amazing free pile donated by Mouse's mom last fall, but I know we'll have plenty of plants!

Here's the particulars:

Location: 3755 Atwood Terrace, Columbus (directions to follow)

Date: September 15th

Time: 10:30 - ? (when all the plants are gone and there's nothing left to eat!)

Bring your plants, a dish to share at the potluck, a lawn chair if you've got one and -- an appetite for some fun!

We'll start to set up around 10:30, so early birds can come on down.

Swapping will start around 12:30 (earlier if we get restless!) As with the spring swap,it's a round robin style swap. When we call round 1, everyone can take a plant. Round 2, everyone take a plant. Round 3, take 2 plants... etc, and you can take home up to as many plants as you brought. If you bring 50, you can take home 50. If you bring 5, you can take 5.

Looking forward to another great chapter in the garden swap, and hope to see a lot of folks there! (Otherwise, I have to eat an awful lot of cookies all by myself....)

Getting to Terri's from I-71

Heading north:

Take I-71 to the North Broadway exit.

Turn right (east) at the head of the exit ramp onto North Broadway travel 2 blocks.

Turn left (north) onto Maize Rd, travel about 10 blocks.

Turn right (east) onto Elmore, travel 4 blocks to the intersection with Atwood Terrace.

Heading south:

Take I-71 south to the Morse Rd exit

Turn left (east) at the end of the exit ramp, travel 5(?) long blocks to Maize Rd

Turn right (south) on Maize Rd, travel 5 (?) long blocks, cross Cooke Rd and keep going 2 blocks to Elmore.

Turn left (east)onto Elmore, travel 4 blocks to the intersection with Atwood Terrace.

When you reach the roundabout, at the intersection with Atwood Terrace, Terri's will be the green and white house on the corner to your left (the north-west corner, for those with a compass) but the driveway where we'll be checking in is actually on Elmore.

Hope to see you there!

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