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Heirloom Veggies, which ones are you growing?

I started acquiring seed of heirloom vegetables some time ago. Beans in particular have become another (sigh) addiction. Tomatoes and lettuce are two more that I can now keep my own seed.

I have an italian pole bean that was given to me back in 1965 by a then neighbor who told me these beans had been brought to the island from Italy in 1910, been growing this one for 44 years now. I have been trying to track down which bean they might be but so far they don't match up with any of the beans suggested they might be.

In my search to match up my italians I have acquired some really neat heirloom beans, family histories attached, in trades and that's not counting the italian bean seed I've bought in the meantime. It's going to take a few years to grow them all.

Do any of you have a family or favorite heirloom veggie you grow every year? I've discovered with beans in particular the tenderness and flavor far surpasses what you can buy at the supermarket.

On another note our city council is considering letting people keep 3 or 4 hens on lots less than an acre in size, more in tune with the 100 mile diet or maybe it should be called the 0 mile diet. Two thumbs up, another step toward being self sufficiency.


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