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Are there culture methods to maximize scents?

18 years ago

There are several scented plants in my yard - lavender, rosemary, scented geraniums, mints, basil, eucalyptus.

They all grow great, but some dont have much scent. In fact, the scented geraniums seemed stronger at the nursery than they do at home.

I was wondering if there are methods to maximize the scents that these produce? Since most seem like mediterranian or dry climate plants, does keeping them drier enhance scent or just stress the plants?

I read that the scented geraniums like epson salts. True?

Is alkaline soil more likely to improve scent? Does using a poor soil improve scent, or just limit growth?

I checked the prior postings; forgive me if this topic has been discussed and I didnt find it.

(It might be too much for one post, but I was wondering the same about scented flowers - are there techniques to increase the fragrance of, say, roses, lilacs, others)

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