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gardenia leaves soft and droopy

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

How are you? A few days ago I bought a gardenia plant from home depot that was relatively big, and had a bunch of blooms and buds on it. Was really happy to see one that was so healthy. I also bought a big bag of some miracle grow soil, forgot exactly which one it was but it said it made flowers grow twice as big.. etc.

Anyway i repotted the gardenia into a larger pot and used the MG soil to fill in the rest of the pot. It is April, and i'm in Jersey but the weather lately has been 50s, 60s, 70s.

I watered it every day after purchasing it. (Maybe 3 days in total, only) I kept it outside for a few days, given that it wasnt that bad outside; however we did get a thunderstorm. One day I came back from work (hot day) and saw that the gardenia leaves were soft and droopy. Nothing is yellowing, the only two colors I see are green and some are lighter green but nothing is yellowing. It has just been drooping for the past couple of days. I brought it inside, however a little better it is still droopy. Im really worried, what do you think the problem could be? Even though I haven't watered it for days, the soil still feels wet, not EXTREMELY wet but definitely moist on top still.

What would you suggest I do? I don't want it to die, it was just so healthy and now it's depressing to see it change.

Also, I got a paper and tapped a few of the branches, a few black things came down. They didnt really move, looked black, and didn't really smush when i rubbed the paper together. Don't know if that's spider mites. Whatever it takes, please let me know.

Have a great day.


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