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Veitchia merrillii or Adonidia or Christmas Palm

15 years ago

Anyone growing this in the north Orlando/Sanford area? Mark brought one home from work one day about 6 or 8 years ago in a large container. (When the landscapers redo the atrium in his building, they tend to throw out all the plant material & he salvages it). We have had it outside in a container for all this time, at two different houses. It has only been moved inside for a freeze once or twice, and is usually left out.

We never knew what kind of palm it was until yesterday when I discovered they were selling this as "adonidia" at Home Depot. I looked it up, and apparently it has been renamed Veitchia merrillii, commonly called Christmas palm. From what I can find online, it should be growing Zone 10 through 12, rather than here in Zone 9, and is only hardy down to 30 degrees. But as I say, ours has been outside on many a night when it dropped into the 20's.

I'm curious as to what experiences anyone else in this area has had. We finally put ours in the ground next to the Bali hut, and Mark is sure it will freeze there. I've got my fingers crossed.


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