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Fuchsia tree survived NW winter, how to care for it

13 years ago

Hi all,

Last year I bought a pretty fuchsia tree, planted it in the ground,and enjoyed the flowers until the first week of December when it got very cold and died...

Or so I thought. Earlier this spring, I noticed only several dead branches coming ou of the ground, so I cut them all the way back. Then I assumed it was dead.

Until today when I noticed a familiar looking plant about 5 inches tall. There was a smaller one nearby.

The fuchia was alive after all!

I have fed and watered both fuchsias.The larger one I tied to a plant stake

Question: should I have left the branches above ground? Is that why it took so long to see plants again? (actually, until today, I thought the fuchsia tree was dead.)

Any thoughts about this? Thank you ahead of time!

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