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Seedlings recently blooming (pics)

13 years ago

I'm getting them uploaded slowly but's some of my seedlings that have bloomed over the past few days.

I have no clue what the parentage is on this seedling. It's an 05 seedling and I love the blooms but it's a slow increaser.

I like the bloom on this cross...Minstrels Fire x Cherry Valentine, now if the scapes were a little taller, I'd love it.

Here's another of Paul Owens seedlings 7R-088. I really like it and it's been blooming really well for a newbie in my garden.

This Enchanted April baby looks a lot like her Mom, blooms well, has tall scapes and increases nicely. I think I'll keep her! :)

This one doubled finally...I was hoping to get some doubles out of this cross. Jungle Beauty x Land Of Cotton....the bloom is huge too. Kind of a odd color isn't it? :)

I really love the color and the watermark on this Hearts Of Fire x Mal kid.

This was a nice surprise in the seedling patch this morning, Bangkok Bay x Ed Brown.

Another EB baby bloomed today too. All Fired Up x Ed Brown

A large lavender bloom from Sweet Mercy (a double) x Lavender Stardust.

And last, a white seedling that I have. I don't know the cross. I did it several years ago when I didn't keep track of such things. :) Anyway, here's two shots of it, one with my notebook in the photo so you can compare the white paper with the bloom and see just how white it is. This is the whitest dl in my garden.

That's it for now.


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