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A saved Fragrant Olive tree, please keep your fingers crossed.Pic

12 years ago

This tree was left for dead and I took it home from a nursery that was going to close it's heat off. It was also loaded with pest's as you can tell by all the damage and some that may be still alive.

Look at the leaves my co-worker is holding. Awful.

Still treating it though.

Reminds me of a time when I spared a cat from near death with an invasion of mites and fleas. It took me weeks to clean that now beautiful cat up and bring it back to vibrant health..

What a shame. I think it can take years for a small plant to reach this size. I can't wait to put it outside come spring. In the meantime I will treat it with special care and it has a spot in a large window for now.

I had to chop at least 2 feet off from the top to fit it in my car as I also hope it gets fuller towards the trunk..

Please keep your fingers crossed and hope it survives..I will keep you posted on it's progress.

Thank you





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