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Question(s) about propagating Fuchsia and plants called Fuchsia

12 years ago


I picked up a Fuchsia boliviana Alba plant (at a Bay Area nursery, an Annie's Annuals plant that cost $6). I want to both trim it to be more upright and generate some rooted cuttings. Here it is:

My question on this guy: I'm going to cut off the 3 least vertical shoots. I seem to remember reading that short tip cuttings are ideal for Fuchsias in general. Will the next cutting in (of two nodes or more) also root easily? Do I have a good shot at getting 5-6 or only 3 cuttings in the immediate future? My only experience with Fuchsias is Fuchsia splendens, which I found to be pretty easy.

I've grown and bloomed F. boliviana Alba for a short while, but for some reason never propagated it. For those who are not familiar with it is pretty stunning. I've seen it bloom in a 4 inch pot or also as 15 foot big shrubs/small trees at Strybing Arboretum:


The next guy is not a Fuchsia at all, but a Correa. Correas are sometimes called "Australian fuchsias", even though there is no close relationship.

This guy goes by the nickname "chef's hat". As far as I am aware it is not really grown/sold much in the U.S. I bought my plant at UCSC Arboretum, I believe for $9/1 gallon pot.

This is Correa bauerlenii 'Lemon Drop'. Have any Fuchsia growers grown and propagated Correas? If anyone here who lives outside Australia has grown this guy I will be surprised. So any experiences/tricks/tips with propagating Correas of any sort would be appreciated.

The next one I already know how to propagate, and it's pretty easy. It's also a "Fuchsia" but not a true Fuchsia or even a close relative. Deppea splendens, the "Golden Fuchsia". The reason I mention it is that I will be propagating it when it finally stops blooming.

My plant lives at my mom's. These are actually bad pictures from Sunday.

My plant was $40 in a 5 gallon pot from Sloat Nursery (wholesaler San Marcos Growers). If you are really looking for this plant and live in California or have friends there, that is the way to go. Many local nurseries can special order the plant from San Marcos Growers.

It's easy to propagate:

It like to send a set of all 3 to someone if anyone is interested in growing all of them, assuming I can assemble rooted cuttings of all 3 at once. I may not be able to start Deppea cuttings for a month or two. I have no experience with the Correa. So in terms of time it might be as long as 3-5 months. I might trade for a few things, such as Nepenthes, Stanhopeas, Angrecoid or other orchids, big or unusual Hoyas, etc. Or if nobody has anything I really want, I will consider trading for postage. These are all moderate to fast growing plants that I got for good prices and I assume all are easy to propagate.

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