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vanda apocolypse - orchid advice?

Orchid experts,
I need your expertise. I had a little kitchen window full of Vandas. They seemed so happy there. One was four years old and had reliably bloomed twice a year - one year it bloomed three times, with two stems!
I felt like I had figured out how to grow Vandas. The others weren't as prolific, but they seemed happy and periodically bloomed.
Then I fertilized. It seemed like a good idea. I tried to be careful and really under do it, but I apparently over did it. And then I was traveling and they got too dry and BAM! Every single one seemed to die.
Lost leaves, new leaves that were anemic and soon fell off.
Okay, I'll never do that again.
So my question is - I have two plants that seem to be alive, with growing roots, but no leaves. Should I keep trying to revive them? Any thoughts on the best way?
I kind of gave up on them today and bought new Vandas at Home Depot, because they used to love my kitchen window and nothing has changed about the light there, so I'm willing to engage in a do-over. But as I was changing out dead-looking plants for new ones, I got to wondering about the dead-looking ones.
Advice? Can orchids live without leaves? Do those alive roots mean anything? Ideas on stashing them somewhere in the yard to see what happens? I used to put dendrobiums in the boots of a cabbage palm and got some reblooms before they ultimately gave up. I could do that.

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