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Is this fuchsia winter dormant or dead?

Laurel Zito
11 years ago

My old woody fuchsia, I got for free. I found it somewhere. It was not doing so well, it got leaf fungal and lost a lot of leaves, then we had two cold nights about 32 freezing, now it looks really bad. How do I know if it is dead or just resting or dormant? I was thinking of digging it up to move it into a pot in the house to see if that cheers it up, but on the other hand I am nervous about digging it up right now. Maybe that would do even more damage? I heard they are good for pots because they have small root systems. A local guy I talked to (whom I was swapping plants) with commented that he had a fuchsia like that and he considered it a pest. He cut it down to zero and it came back, so I think they can be hardly, but this one has only been in the same place for about a year and a half, so is not a fully established fuchsia. I could try cutting it back to zero if that would improve it. But, it has some diseased leaves left and I think it may be getting sun from those sickly leaves. It looks unsightly, so I would like to prune or move it.

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