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4-season gardening merges into Container Gardening

21 years ago

I began my tomatoes from seed Jan 15 after eating my last tomato the 10th and buying Tomato Look Alike Cardboard the 14 of Jan. After they started to bloom I bought a hybrid Mercury Sodium 430 watt transform, bulb, and housing $255 (see growing under lights for the full story.

When the days began to be over 50 deg I would put them out in the day and bring them in at night. when the night temp was over 50 deg at night I would leave them out. Now they are usually out all night. Tonight the min according to Yahoo Wheather is 48 deg so I put them against the house till morning.

I am doing a similiar thing with Egg Plants. 55 deg is the temp I put them out in the day time and bring them in at night till the night temp is over 55 deg.

I have at lest one delicous tomato every morning now.

The smaller sun sugar and gold nugget tomato plants are doing better than the medium size Early Girls.

A hand cart is almost a most.

This is my first year at it. It will get better.

Thanks for the forum,


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