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This new 40 year old fig tree

14 years ago

So my sister got a house that already has a 40 year old fig tree. Age was confirmed by the neighbors. This 15 foot tall tree produced a summer harvest of 3 figs, while the fall harvest filled up a 2 gallon bowl every 2 days until about 3 weeks ago.

Though I have no experience with fig trees I have read the forums and do understand that i need to prune and then burlap it for the winter. I would also like to know what kind of a turkey fig they got.

Burlap part is easy. I already got the materials for all 3 layers and leaves for the ground and 2 more dry bag of leaves for the inside.

I was hoping you would have suggestions on pruning and on the make/model of this turkey fig.

here are leaves and figs (just took the photo today but seems accurate representation). The sun rises on top middle left of the picture(where its blocked by those spring prunes) and goes through the right and then settles on the bottom. So most branches on the left side of the photo dont get any sun at all.

Here is a general overview



Here is another view


Here is a general overview of the tree

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