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Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

13 years ago

Some time ago on this forum I read about a Farm & Garden Center in Leesburg, Florida where you could buy orchids for five bucks or so. While Leesburg is quite a drive for us, we have a son that lives in Jacksonville so next time we were coming home from a visit we detoured to find the store. Sure enough we found five dendrobiums we couldn't live without. A couple of weeks ago we were again driving back from Jacksonville and took the detour. As we were driving along Route 46 we saw a sign on a post saying, "orchids $3. We had zoomed by the place by then so had to turn around and go back. We turned through a gate into a field and drove over to the greenhouse. An elderly asian couple welcomed us with gestures and smiles. We went into the shed and the little lady opened a big sliding door and we found ourselves in a greenhouse full to bursting with budded Phalaenopsis orchids in four and six inch pots. The three inch pots were three dollars and the six inch were six dollars. We filled up a box with ten plants that were budded but not yet blooming. We could choose colors because there were some blooming on the benches to show what variety were on each bench. Now ours are blooming and the colors are great.

This one is very fragrant.

This one is my favorite

But they are all beautiful!


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