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Rock Wall Update - 2 Pics

17 years ago

Since things seem to be a little slow around here, I thought it would be a good time to follow up on my rock wall project. In May I posted a request for planting ideas and put in this pic of the wall.

A lot of you sent me some very nice replies with great ideas, but sadly, I can't remember who and I can't access that post anymore, as it has disappeared forever. This is what triggered my rant in the conversations section a few weeks ago about the very poor archiving here at iVillage. (There! Another dig!)

Thanks to some seeds and Wal-Mart fifty-cent perennials, I at least have a green and blooming area now, although I haven't yet implemented some of your ideas, most of which are lost now anyway. :(

Here's what it looked like two weeks ago:

The sunflower plant on the left was a bird feeder volunteer.

I do remember that one of you asked me to show you what it looked like when I was done, so now you know. It's a start anyway. As always, next year will be better. Thanks again to all who helped. Further suggestions would still be very welcome. :)


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