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I have an Italian Honey fig and need advice about overwintering,

12 years ago

This is my first time growing one of these and I would love any advice on what to do once in gets brought inside.

I do not know what kind of enviroment or light to provide for it.

I have a cool and very bright plant room with temps that get no lower than the 50'd during the coldest winter months.

I have two windows and a skylight in there, and someone told me they do not need the sun..Is this right?

Can I rest them in there in a bright spot?

Should I put it in my cellar which hovers into the 60's all winter, with very minimal light?

Should I bury them outside. I live in Mass with temps that get go below zero in winter..

I also have a shed that can get as cold as freezing and below, not heated with only one west facing window.

Any help will be so appreciated..

Much thanks!


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