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Three Week Reminder for Tampa Swap

12 years ago

got your cuttings rooting? decided what you can live without? gone through all those books and magazines you don't want anymore?

Saturday April 17

drop off 9-10 am, we'll start exchanging after that.

my house in NW Tampa, right off the Veterans on Hutchison

Bring your plants, cuttings, seeds, books, magazines, tools, pots, anything gardening related to swap, trade or get rid of. If you don't want to dig something till you know it has a home, post it on our exchange thread.

Also bring some fruit, finger food, drinks or ice or such.

Post what you'd like to bring on the Exchange Thread so we don't end up with all the same things.

Last year all went smoothly, but I hear in some instances they don't. So I've come up with the RULE--if you want something that someone it describing, raise your hand. If more than one hand goes up, rounds of Paper, Rock, Scissors will determine who gets the item. That should be both fun and fair.

Email me off list for directions, I'm not posting my address online.



Here is a link that might be useful: Bringing List

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