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Hello all

12 years ago

New poster and just wanted to say hello. Live in Central Florida (Citrus county) on 4 acres on a lake. Wife and I have been clearing this jungle and planting as we go. Have a dozen or so citrus trees and about 14 types of clumping bamboo. We have planted Mysore raspberries and a bunch of blueberry bushes. Think we had 14 BB bushes and ran across last week a commercial grower that was selling 8-10 year old southern highbush blueberries of a few different varieties in 25 gallon pots for $10 each........I just could not pass that up so we took 9 and the neighbor took nine. They still have tons more if anyone is interested. Plants that size are not the easiest things to handle:) Glad I have a tractor with a frontend loader to move them around. The plants have been in pots their entire lives and I guess they are transitioning to tpes that bear earlier or something.

Just when I thought I had enough BB bushes we ran across Sunshineblue at Lowes so bought 9 of them for a hedge in front of the house. If you are going to have shrubbery might as well be something edible.

Have 2 fairly large gardens, one for us and one that is mostly used to raise food to supplement the diet of the meat rabbits we raise. In turn the rabbits over the past two years have turned that awful snow white sugar sand into soil that is almost jet black. I also get perhaps 25 loads of wood chips delivered a year (free of course) from Nelsons tree service and it helps the soil out as well.

Anyway Just wanted to say hello and that I have enjoyed reading your posts this morning and hope to contribute.

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