REPOST: I am really bummed out.... (trying again!)

14 years ago

Thanks for the heads up homemaker! I just got back on and checked to see if anyone had responded to my post from earlier today....and....couldn't find it. Guess it went into some big black hole somewhere...

Now back to what I had posted about earlier.

For those of you who grow you know about Rose Rosette Disease? Well, I am unlucky enough to know first hand about it. Last year I lost 2 roses to it. One in the circular bed in the back yard and a climber (Seven Sisters) on the fence in the garden room. Today when I was out doing some maintenance in the garden room, tying up long canes on the fence, etc. I found RRD on one of my explorer climbers. It is either John Cabot or William Baffin. These roses were planted in 2002 and had reached the top of our 8 foot fence and were actually above it! I cut the cane back to the ground, but I am afraid I will have to remove the rose completely. I will keep a vigilant eye on this rose to see if more RRD is displayed. I am hoping against hope that I cought it in time, but very afraid not.

If you grow roses and do not know about RRD, you might want to research it. It is currently only in parts of the U.S. but is spreading. I am listing a link below for further info for those interested.

The picture below was taken in June of this year. The rose that had/has RRD is about half way down the side of the fence. I am just sick! :-(


Below is a link to info about RRD. There is also a lot of info on it on the rose forum as more people experience RRD in their gardens. Or just do a google on RRD and you will find lots of info. Here's hoping none of you experience RRD in your gardens.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Rosette Disease

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