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Question about optimum root removal during Root-Pruning..

9 years ago

Most hobby gardeners know that fruit plants productivity increases as the plant matures with age but not many gardener knows exactly which part of the plant plays major role in this productivity increase with maturity, though intuition and experience point to the plant root system. If that is the case then it leads to my main question related to a dilemma.
The dilemma for the potted figs is if I don�t prune the roots enough, I may have to prune roots soon again; and if I prune roots too much then it may adversely affect the production in the next growing season.
I have read a number of posts about root pruning; some suggesting cutting off one-third of the root ball and others have pruned off one-half of the roots. My question is then �how much pruning off is too much that will reduce fruit production in the next fruiting season�. What will be the optimum root pruning off that gives enough time between next root pruning but minimum effect on the next year production.

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