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Sweet cherry for hardiness

18 years ago

In the "Far North" discussions there are already 2 other threads in which I intend to extract comments from, and as they relate to cherry hardiness, sort of start over again...

They are linked as:

Stella sweet Cherries (on July 05, as authored by Konrad)

Show your Fruits      (on Dec 05, as authored by Konrad)

  (for instance both threads have numerous pictures and this might clean it up a bit)

Hi Konrad,

Most recently in the show your fruits forum you wrote:


>>Very Interesting, thanks to drop in and sharing your ideas!....

>>are you new to this forum, ?

>>I think, have never seen you here before....welcome!

So Konrad, I signed up and am new here. Thankyou.

Those ideas about crossing sweet cherry and pin cherry were already documented in a book "Advances in Fruit Breeding" 1975 or 79 from Purdue University and are not really unique. Anyways I don't think the book ever documented what they wanted to do with the new seedling crosses. At least I don't think they did. This is where I would like to find out if I can... Can sweets that get grafted to pins be compatable?

Then maybe I don't have to breed for compatability after all and do this for the fun of developing fruit in our very cold zone.

Also you wrote:

>I hope, you get lucky with your crossings!

>>Stella I have grafted to Evans and it's the 3 rd. season.

>>Possibly the only Stella producing on Evans in Alberta or Canada?

I don't want to forget thanking you for sharing those pics so -thanks! I have seen a study claiming that sweets need extra time to do the tricks like -acclimate -lose leaves -dry (-or what ever you want to call it) to the standards that most apple trees do in the autumn and now by seeing these where you live the studies must be true.

Yours:Â Â
    red Stella on Evans trunk

green Evans ^Â

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