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How do YOU support your Tomatoes?

Ok, I know there is probably a more appropriate forum to ask this on, but I always forget if its not one I usually frequent. Im sure you guys will forgive me this once. ;-)

Well im finnaly starting to get a good amount of tomatoes. We had a stragely cool late spring which set them back some.

I always have the deuce of a time trying stake my tomatoes every year. I chucked out the battered cages last spring in a fit of frustration. They are never tall enough. You stick them in the ground and their barely 3ft. Whoever made them obviously never grew tomatoes themselves! One of my tomatoes got past six feet a couple of years ago!

But I STILL dont know how to support them well. I have about three streight sticks (leaning under the weight) for each tomato. Then theres twine holding up several branches. I have enough rigging for those tomatoes to hold up the Leaning Tower of Piza!

Ive seen on several TV shows that people, who grow them in bulk, have really tall stakes for theirs. Im not sure what they are though, pipes of some kind? Do they have cross bars for them I wonder?

So how do you guys support your tomatoes? Have any pics? Im trying to plan out my veggie garden better for next year. Thanks!


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