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My First Witches' Broom - Already Been Discovered...

16 years ago

Wouldn't you know. I've been searching this cemetary for 4 trips now I think. Yesterday, my buddy and I and partner in crime, "Onyx" my blacklab - well to put it bluntly, we drove right to the freakin' thing. There it was, on one of the winding roads, right in plain sight.

Here it is: Pinus strobus (Chippianock) - and a photo of a grafted plant of it in Chub Harper's Garden.


"Chippianock Cemetary" - Rock Island, IL. The tree with the broom:




This witches' broom as a graft: (notice the cone production - this plant is for the collector/grower that wants to grow witches' broom seeds as it produces viable seed regularly)


By the way, all this time, I never knew the cemetary's name.

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