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Should I root prune my turkey figs?

9 years ago

Hi, I have 3 brown turkey figs which are all planted in 20 gallon containers. They have been in the containers for about 4 years now. Every year the trees have grown beautiful larger leaves and yielded huge crops of figs. Last year I noticed the leaves have been getting a touch smaller but still had nice fig production. this year was different. The leaves are only 25% their normal size and fig production is way down. 1 tree didn't produce a single fig. The trees have gotten bigger every year and I have not removed any of the branches to date except for one that was damaged. They are kept in a garage over the winter and brought out one the temps are above freezing. My methods until now seem to have worked perfectly, however something is changing. I was told that in containers I will eventually need to root prune and freshen the soil mixture i also want to bring the sizes back down to manageable (6 feet high in the pots MAX).

Any though on how to go about rejuvenating my seemingly tired trees ?

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