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Help my sunflowers

14 years ago

I bought some sunflowers from a big box store. Very cute, already blooming with flowers about 4 inches in diameter on stalks about 6 inches tall. I planted them in composted cow manure in a 6 inch deep bottomless untreated cedar box. I have been keeping the soil moist daily since planting, and they get sun from noon to sunset. I water twice daily, early morning and just before sunset. They are not thriving. The beautiful yellow blooms have started to wilt and discolor. The stems and leaves look fine. I stopped watering for a couple of days, but I'm not really sure that I'm helping them. I know you want a picture, but my camera is on the fritz, so no picture right now.

Could someone give me the sun exposure and water preferences for sunflowers?

The red pentas I planted next to them seem to be doing quite well.

Your suggestions and tips are appreciated.

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