MY WANT me find??

10 years ago

hi again everyone....

so i was searching internet since its so snowy today and i have run across a small WANT list.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for some decent sized 2,3,4ft of the following??

pinus x schwerinni "weithorst"

picea pungens "gebelles golden spring"

cedrus deodora klondike

picea abies gold drift

pinus patula mexican pine

pinus densiflora aurea

pinus koreania

picea abies gold drift

sciadopitys verticillata mereille

please forgive any punctuation and spelling butcheries :)

o one more thing.....

anyone ever grow a weeping giant sequoia in chicago zonal climate??? is it possible? i loooove this guy and would love to have but only if possible in my climate/create a microclimate for him?????thanks!

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