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Bass / Black Madeira

14 years ago

Just got a Black Madeira Fig from Bass @ Trees of joy in Pa..

The tree is all what I expected and for those of you who has or had a question about him the answer is he is a Noble man.

I would trust him as much as I do dealing with Jon, George, Adriano just to name a few.

The man took the time to answer my questions and concerns and made this transaction very simlpe.

I know there are others that have dealt with other dealers that had the same feeling as I do.

It's those good men and women in this trade that make this hobby such a joy and puts all those WORTHLESS dealers in the bottom of the DIRT pile.

Thank you Jon, Bass, Adriano and all those honest venders I did not mention.

It is you that contributes the knowledge, time and effort to hobbiest from all walks of life around the world.

Like someone mentioned in another post a week or two ago,

All we're doing is trying to improve our collection!

You know, He is right! This is not a contest!

It is just a hobby! And a fruitfull one!

I just want to know how Bass grows BANANAS in zone 6 of all places? LOL

I'm guessing the laws of physics rests in his yard. and LOL

Thank you,


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