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6 weeks till Tampa Swap --Reminder

12 years ago

Here's the "guidelines" on how this works from last year. First year we had about 12 people, last year around 30, who knows how big it will be this year!

Calling it a "swap/trade" has given new people the wrong idea, it doesn't really work that way. We do not trade or swap a plant for a plant. If you have nothing to swap, you can still come. If you only have three things to get rid of, it is conceivable you could go home with a dozen things.

First step...go to the exchange thread and post what you have and are bringing. You can bring anything garden related-plants, cuttings, seeds, books, magazines, pots, tools, etc. You'll also post what type of food/drink you can bring.

Read all the other posts in that thread and see what others have to offer. If you see something that you really want, set up that trade now, privately. Then that item will be earmarked for you and you can pick it up at the swap.

Pack up all your unwanted items-- even if you posted them on the exchange thread and no one asked for them. There will be non-Gardenweb people here who might want them and beginners who need everything who did not want to appear greedy by asking for all your stuff in the thread.

Between 9-10 am show up and unload your stuff. Find a spot in the back or front yard and put all your items down in that spot. Make sure all the plants have labels on them, even if it's nothing more than a marker on a leaf or a piece of tape on a cup.

After you've unloaded and found your spot, wander around and look at what everyone else has brought. Eat. Drink. Socialize.

When everyone has arrived, we will then, one person at a time, go over our pile of giveaways and stuff. You will tell everyone what you brought, how to cultivate it, etc. If you want whatever is being talked about, raise your hand and it's yours. If more hands go up then there are items, rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors determines who gets it. This is why you might get more than you came with. Plus there are always items that no one wants, and new gardeners can clean up at the end.

After it's all done there will be more eating, drinking and socializing.

Feel free to invite non-Gardenwebbers you might know who would be interested, just post on the exchange thread what they are bringing if you can.


Here is a link that might be useful: Swap Exchange Thread


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