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fig report of different varieties

15 years ago

hi gang,

just thought i'd share how i did so far

this season with several varieties.

1)lattarula- best producer, however must be picked

overripe if not little taste, but overall good-keeper

2)sals- excellent taste good producer 1st year.


3)chicago - like sals

5) mission- large fruit ,wonderful- great taste

6) italian unknown- pitiful looking tree

with remarkable results, great production large darkish

fruit and so so delicious, but very slow growth.

7) texas blue giant- so far large fruit actually jumbo,

who says large figs have no taste? delicious. very dark

8) stella- first year from bare root- tasted two so far

as far as i can see for my taste the best so far

elongated fruit green with beautiful pink flesh

good size and what a taste.

9)un known sent to me from raintree as panache

but has medium size elongated dark purple fruit

again nice taste so far production so so. looks

like lsu purple.

unknown results-

negrone first year-nothing so far- slow grower

celeste- thumbs down so far.fruit fell from plant

tiny fruit.

italian cucumber- great growth from twigs are nice plants

fruit is there. for what i can see nice size hope

it matures.

king- ist year - produced fruit all fell off

dont know if they were the breba or second crop.

in ground another form of celeste-

excellent , dependable, plentiful small but yum!

in future would like to post pictures- somebody teach me!

if anyone near li has had good results with another variety

please let me know.


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