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rethinking afternoonsun front of porch plant

13 years ago

Hey folks, I did a lot of working in the yard this weekend and I reevaluated how much sun the area in the front of my porch gets. (I appreciate all your advice on the previous thread, but I guess I was mistaken... I'd thought it didn't get any sun, only bright shade....

but really, at about 1 pm it starts to get afternoon sun until about 5 pm.

I can't remember the sun pattern in the winter though. I wonder if it gets less sun then??

Would you please give me advice again?

I would just post on my previous thread, but... I realize my information was wrong.


Should I do:

a bank of plumbago or agapanthus?

would that be too much sun for a small camellia?

I also liked the idea of azaleas,.. but I worry about my high alkaline clay soil making them unhappy. (I've never grown them. is that the case?)

or do you have some other ideas?

Renee, you mentioned I should widening my walkway a little with some brick or pavers... how do you mean... all over? Wouldn't it not match the walkway? I'm open to suggestions. thanks! :)

In case you didn't see the previous thread:

I'd prefer something drought-tolerant if possible. And we have heavy clay soil here. Zone 9-10, SW 18. basically hot/dry summers with mild winters. (sometimes a little frost)

I wanted something about 2-4 feet tall.

Since the porch isn't raised,... I didn't want anything TOO HIGH to block the porch completely, but it would be nice to have something there in the ground right next to the cement of the porch. Does that make sense? Maybe something that the plant-bush itself is about 3-4 feet high... but it could have wispy taller parts? Like a shadey version of an agapanthus, you know? (because the agapanthus has that tall spire with the ball, but you can see through that out...)

This is what the area looks like:

There are climbing Madame Alfred Carriere baby roses on the porch pillars.


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