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The Worsening Drought and the Seed Swap

17 years ago

The area I live in continues to get worse, plus our temperatures are in the 105 - 107 degree range every day.

I loved participating in the seed swap last year, it was a blast, but this year I won't have the variety of seeds to swap as most of what I have is either dying or in complete dormancy. (Flower production shuts down as the plant struggles to survive so I really have very few flowers to collect seeds from.)

My real concern is whether seeds collected from stressed out plants will somehow be stunted. I would really hesitate sending my seeds to the swap if I thought there was an overwhelming chance the seeds wouldn't be successful.

I love growing from seed, and I realize that it is always a bit of a gamble, but I would hate to send seeds that would be doomed to fail. :-(

I'm just unsure what to do??


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