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What plants can I share from my Vancouver garden?

12 years ago

Hi All,

First time visiting this forum...though I grew up in Edmonton, I have lived most of my adult life just outside of Vancouver- and have forgotten what it's like to garden in Edmonton. My son has just bought a home there, and I'd like to propagate/divide many of my perennials to help him get started.

Can anyone suggest a good website/blog that lists perennials and shrubs that will do well there? I have gone to the Millcreek Nursery site, but it seems like most of the plants I click on say 'borderline hardy'/need protection/high maintenance, etc. He's just 25, and though an eager beginner, I don't want to discourage him by growing plants that need to be babied.

Also, any groups/clubs that have plant swaps/exchanges/sales?

Thanks for any help that you can give...

I'm pretty sure Hostas will do fine, what about Hellebores?

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