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Eagle and other things in my back yard (pics galore)

13 years ago

gardening Saturday and look who flew in to check out the ducks on my pond


I gasped and grabbed a camera.He hung out for awhile and finally looked elsewhere for breakfast.This tree is maybe 50 ft from the house and we had just had a guy look at it to remove it, It is very dead!


The ducks are nesting and arguing over who gets the TOP spot, the big Honeysuckle bush right outside our Glass doors. While they were bickering look who ended up with the best nest! Kitten LITTLE!


some Nemesia (fruit salad)and Ostospermum High Voltage


Grandson made a sparkler to add to our sparkly Hippie tree!


We figured since it is a trash tree we would really trash it up!:~)


The ponds are finally up again and mama fish have built their own nests.They are amazing!



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