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I've gone bananas, crossing over to the other side

17 years ago

Well folks, I have crossed over to another side. Tropicals. This years heat, humidity and lack of rain fried all of my 'cottage' type plants. No amount of watering seemed to do any good - just brown stuff left behind.

My tropical type plants, on the other hand, have thrived. Bananas, Elephant Ears, new transplants of things that I was given (don't even know what they are) are taking hold and growing.

My baby palms are doing well, brugmansia and datura have had to be trimmed back several times.

Then after a couple of trips to private tropical gardens in the area I knew I was hooked.

I really enjoy the cottage forum folks and would love to still hang out and chat but I believe I have found a new love. I am including a link to the garden thus far  it has a long way to go before it can look like a tropical paradise but one can only try J.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to garden

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