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More FFO's from southern Indiana

13 years ago

Over the past 2-3 days.

MOONLIT MASQUERADE- FFO 6/18/09. This was new for me last year and didn't bloom. I love it!

SPANISH SNOWBIRD-dark clouds were rolling in this morning when this was taken. Picture makes this look a little darker than it really is.

ALL FIRED UP-all wet from the rain we had. Many more of this one coming on and I just planted it last fall. Couldn't believe how much two fans multiplied.

BORDER MUSIC - This and Jamaican Music (yet to come) are quickly becoming my favorites.

MEGAN'S LOVE-the one that made me fall in love with daylilies. Should be more lemony yellow than the greenish color here.

ORIENTAL DANCER - a nice clump gift from Lea Ann Williams at Lakeside Daylilies last year. But it looks like it's been in my garden for years. It's hard to get a picture where it hasn't rained! This one is actually a little lighter in color than this. I'll get a better picture later.

MISTER LUCKY-now I remember why I bought this. Isn't he bright?

Hope to have better pics of some of these later. But it's kind of hard to do when you only have a small window of time in the morning and just a little bit bigger one in the evening.


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