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Pics taken with early birthday present.

15 years ago

Well, yesterday UPS delivered my new camera, a Canon Power Shot A650 IS. (This is my birthday present from DH, early.) I read the manual last night, and some again this morning, then got brave and headed out to the gardens. Here are some of the shots. I did take 2 that were out of focus, one where the flash went off, but the rest came out. I am thrilled with the macro capabilities, and really look forward to seeing what all this camera can do and sharing the results with you here.

Thank you for looking.


The first one are flowers of a plant called blue sage.


This is a rose called White Ducher.


A new plant I just got, Ground Orchids.


This rose is Homere.


This is a rose leaf with dew drops.


This is Love.


Mm. Laurette Messimy and a friend that I didn't even see until I downloaded the picture to my computer.


This is Mutabilis.




Philipine Violet


This is a salvia.


Spiderwort and a friend I did see when composing the picture.


This is the flower from a Thunbergia shrub.


An unknown


Another unknown.

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RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

  • Posted by: solstice98 9b Orlando ( on Tue, Feb 26, 08 at 17:22

Lovely! Excellent composition and framing. Really nice job!
The spiderwort and 'friend' is very special - I think you'll like that one for a long time.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Wow those are great photos.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Flowerlady, great photos. I don't know if I'll make to rickys swap but if I don't I can send you a Brug cutting.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

  • Posted by: katkin 9b/10a PSL,Fl (My Page) on Tue, Feb 26, 08 at 18:21

FL, they are great shots. I bet you've got a new hobby now, taking great pics of plum cottage. ;o) And I can't wait to see them.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

  • Posted by: nova z9 Ocklawaha (My Page) on Tue, Feb 26, 08 at 18:44

GREAT Pictures! I have a Cannon Powershot A530 and love it but yours is truly remarkable for the "close ups" and details. I can't wait to see what else you can come up with!

PS Happy Early Birthday!

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and encouragement about my pictures. I do appreciate it.

Solstice ~ Your post really touched me as it was my first response to these new pictures and it made me happy and inspired to go out and take more pictures. I'm really an amateur photographer. I grab the camera and just go out and shoot pictures of things that speak to me right at any given moment. Some are happy accidents, like the spider in the rose. I was thrilled with the spiderwort and friend. Couldn't believe how it turned out. Others I love for the beauty of the colorful stamens, or the veined petals. Macro has opened up a whole new world for me.

Barb ~ Thanks.

Jan ~ Glad you liked. I hope I make it to Ricky's myself, I'm going to try. I would love a brug cutting from your gardens. Thank you.

Nova ~ The main reason I got this camera was for the macro. I have a Sony Mavica that I've been using for 10 years and it has served me well, but I wanted to get closer to the flowers and flying critters. A friend in Cottage Gardens here at GW told me about this camera.

I will be taking more pictures. Your encouragement inspires me to get out and see what else is out there to be seen close up.

Thanks for looking ~ FlowerLady

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

I love the photos! I am an amateur who enjoys dabbling in photography as well. What macro is your new camera?

I have a Sony DSC-H9 that was my christmas present to myself. It has 15x macro and also the capability for night shots. I can't wait to try that feature out! :)

I've been having some trouble with the macro though and have not been able to get close, tight shots like yours. I have to say, the manual has not been too helpful either.

Keep enjoying your garden with your lovely photos!

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

I'm gonna give you all the credit for selecting the shots you liked.
But I'm amazed with what some cameras can do.
I've been trying to capture a pic of my blue sage for a few years, but my camera won't do it.
I'm looking forward to many many more great shots!

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

flowerlady your photos are awesome! I can see it now, you won't leave for the yard without your camera in hand, and never do or you will miss a perfect shot. It is addicting, isn't it?

I am looking forward to more beautiful pictures


RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Wonderful photos!
I think your first unknown, the purple one, is a Carolina's in the ruellia family. I love them. They are native, spread gently ,and are blooming right now.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Wow, amazing picture of that thubergia bloom. Long time no talk to. I see you are getting into a few modern roses. How are 'my' roses doing.
I'm jealous of your great camera and photographic ability. Just beautiful.

RE: Pics taken with early birthday present.

Thank you all once again for kind thoughts and encouragement.

saintpfla ~ Dabbling in photography is fun that is for sure. I've taken a few night shots too with old camera and look forward to trying it with this one. The macro with this camera is 150 cm (W) (0.4 in.Â1.6 ft. (W)). I was right down on the flowers. There is a lot to read in these manuals, I just plod along and practice. It's a learning experience and a fun one at that.

treefrog ~ I've also tried to capture the color of the blue sage with old camera and never could. There are a couple of roses I had the same trouble with, so I hope they come out truer with this new camera as the blue sage did.

Evelyn ~ You are so right about picture taking being addicting, almost as addicting as some flowers are. : -)

Ambersky ~ I looked up what you thought the purple unknown might be and I'm not sure. Someone else told me something else and that didn't quite look right either. I'll try to get out tomorrow to take a picture of leaves and flowers so you all can see the whole thing. You could be right though.

Nancy ~ It is a long time isn't it? I think of you everytime I'm around the two roses you gave me, Smith's Parrish, and I think the name of the other one is Old Blush, which is in the main garden and doing terrific. Thank you again for giving them to me. It was nice meeting you also and having a little visit at 2Jay's.

I've worked at my job yesterday and again today, so haven't been out to take more pictures. I'm off tomorrow so maybe I can get out to shoot some more then.

Thanks again for encouraging me to get out and take more pictures.

I always enjoy seeing everyone's beautiful gardens and flowers. I get inspired to get out and work in my tropical/cottage gardens.


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