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trees dying after treating for rust- help!!!

12 years ago

hey guys,

im a bit frantic- my 4 potted fig trees developed a mild rust problem a few weeks back. i picked off all the leaves with rust on them and went to a local garden center (who are supposed to be leaders in their field locally) who confirmed rust was my problem with a picture of a fig tree in a book with the same issue, and sold me a copper fungicide spray to which i was supposed to hook up my hose and spray the trees thoroughly.

last night i treated my trees and today all the baby growing leaves are turning brown and one of the trees looks like its dying- all the leaves are turning brown and look like theyre going to fall apart. all the little fig fruits on the trees are turning brown as well since last night. i hosed them off twice already today with water but i cannot get the bluish copper stain off the leaves!!! is there anything i can do? i cant stand the thought of losing these trees... thank you!!!


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