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What vegetables do you grow and what style garden do you have?

13 years ago

Hi, pretty new to this forum. I'm trying to design a new vegetable garden for next year. I've had mixed success with vegetables, so I'm wondering what are your favorites? Are root vegetables my only option??? LOL

Also, what kind of vegetable garden do you have? Are they planted in rows, blocks, smaller raised beds? I've noticed the tomatoes do much better when planted against something metal. No surprise, since it often gets down to 40-45 F. I'm surprised I even have tomatoes this year, to be honest.

I have a frost free season from about June 1- August 31, but sometimes get a frost in the last week of August. We have a creek behind the house (we live on a farm) so I think that's one reason we have such cold summer evenings. The humidity during the day is about 25%, but at night, it goes up to about 75% (we got a cool new thermometer from Lowe's...and just found this out). Thank you for any suggestions!

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